Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Linus and i am …  well, bored.
To remedy this I find or come up with projects and ideas that keep me occupied. Small, big, usefull or useless doesn’t matter, it’s all about escapism and nothing else. So be it custom NERF blasters, model dioramas or Arduino powered doorbells i’m in. Welcome to my revolution against boredom!

So what is Nitemaker? The TL;DR of it is that I am a maker/tinkerer/hobbyist and Nitemaker is my way of sharing what I love doing with the world because i can’t possible be the only one who gets bored and maybe it’ll inspire someone to join the fight.

"Most of the time I even managed to put things together again"

The longer version of my story is that i have always loved anything that involved building things and anything technological and/or mechanical. I was the kid who would build 3 feet tall Lego castles just to tear them down and go take the family VCR apart while thinking of what i would build next. Most of the time I even managed to put things together again before moving on. And then there were models, bicycles, RC-cars and a ton of other things. Pretty much the only thing i didn’t do were cars and bikes. Not for lack of trying though. I wanted to so badly, but vehicles around here was and is really expensive not just to buy but to own as well. So the automotive projects have unfortunately stayed out of reach, so far.

And then the age of computers happened. Now I grew up in Sweden so computers becoming everyday items happened fairly early on and in that world I found that I could do so many of the things I have a passion for. When you love making things a computer is an absolutely awesome tool. Software, websites, digital art, music. You can do pretty much anything and then you add games into the mix and i was hooked. I still remember the countless hours playing the SimCity games. And so went my middle and highschool years. I learned how to build computers, which got me into electronics and suddenly i was one of the founders of my highschool computer club.

Back came the RC-cars, models, boardgames and other things.

Fast forward a bunch of years and i get my first job doing techsupport for an ISP in my city. I love fixing stuff, learning things and teaching people so if i can help out i will almost always try to do so. So i was pretty happy doing that. Now there are some that say you should never let your hobbies turn into work but that was kind of what i did and it did spoil some things for me. So i picked up my old hobbies again. Back came the RC-cars, models, boardgames and other things. I also picked up a few new ones while I was at it. Somewhere along the line i even started doing archery.

Of course my situation was a lot different. I was no longer confined to a room in my childhood house. I had my own place, my own income and enough time to spend so i could do what i wanted. So that model i was building turned into a diorama with armies and buildings. That RC-car went from buying a few upgrades to a Frankensteined beast of a machine that none could really tell the origins of. Boardgame figures got rebuilt and repurposed, and of course i found some NERF-blasters that just couldn’t remain looking like stock. Oh, is that an micro sized Arduino!?

Then someone introduced 3D-printers for home use and suddenly all that time spent trying to figure out 3D modelling made sense. Suddenly i wasn’t just building and modifying things, I was making them. I started designing and prototyping my own parts for RC-cars and the NERF blasters. Some even made their way to be manufactured. My own accessories for Archery started taking shape as well.

I mean I can't be the only one who gets bored running around everyday life like a hamster in a wheel?

So that’s were the idea of Nitemaker came from. At first it was a way for me to sell my RC related creations in order to maintain my desire to keep making things. I had the idea that if it was successful enough i would turn it into a company but then bureaucracy happened and I figured it’s better to just keep it as a hobby. It did make me realize that there are a lot of creative people out there, so why not share and try to fuel this creativity some more. I mean I can’t be the only one who gets bored running around everyday life like a hamster in a wheel? Why not try to help others fight the dreary, monotonous everyday struggle as well?

And so starts my bored revolution, or my revolution against boredom … not really sure which one is more suitable…
Let’s just have some fun and share it.

– Linus