Anyday Archery

So what’s this then? Well if Nitemaker is my way of collecting all the tinkering and stuff i do under one roof, Anyday Archery is how i share my archery experience. There are several reasons to why i split this up, but more about that later.

TL;DR on Anyday Archery: I couldn’t find what i wanted regarding intermediate archery online, so i decided to do it myself.

The full story is that somewhere around 2015 a friend and colleague of mine came and asked me if i wanted to go try archery. I have no idea how he heard about it but apparently we had a archery club in the city. This might not seem odd, but i have spent over 30 years in or around this city and never even heard of there being an archery club. I can tell you where the workers did a shoddy job fixing roads in old industrial areas 15 years ago, but i never knew people did archery around here, that is how obscure it was.

So of course i said yes.

"Using a stick and string to throw smaller pointy sticks down range"

We started out by doing a few try-out lessons but we learned that a complete beginners kit wasn’t all that much so we went on a little road trip to our “local” archery store and came home with our own gear. We spent that summer shooting and eventually ended up doing the archery-school course at the club that autumn. Not that we strictly needed it, but it was nice learning the details and theories that goes into using a stick and string to throw smaller pointy sticks down range.

At the end of 2016 i had moved on from the beginner bow but had to take a break for health reasons so it wasn’t until the start of 2018 before I was back at it. Up until now I had only been shooting casually once or twice a week. I decided to step it up and soon archery was more or less a daily activity for me. Getting better at it I was asked if i wanted to be a part of the club team for the indoor national championships 2019. Ha ha, very funny…

It wasn’t a joke. So i started training seriously and looking into improving my form and technique. What I found was… very little. As a new archer there are tons of help to find. Your club will be a massive help, the internet and Youtube have endless amounts of information to take in. There are books, articles and magazines. This is great! The same goes for high level stuff even if that is more about equipment and tuning. But when researching the intermediate level I could almost hear the crickets in the background.

And this is where the idea of Anyday Archery really started. As an intermediate archer I found there is a real lack of information. Now there are reasons for this but I decided I wanted to do my part and at least try to share my journey from casual to competition archery

"It's much less about basic technique and more about how the archer implements and uses the techniques"

When you get to the intermediate level of archery, so very much will be personal and subjective. It’s much less about basic technique and more about how the archer implements and uses the techniques. This is highly individual and there is really no right or wrong. What works for one might not work for another and since none can tell it’s really hard to give advise or help at this point. This is my theory behind the lack of information.

Anyday Archery is my way of trying to remedy this

Going into my first national competition my goals were simple. Not be in last position and more than 500 points. I ended up at 45th position total and 520 points. I was very happy with this and decided to keep going. Now i already had Nitemaker, but it didn’t feel quite right to throw archery into the mix since the approach was very different. It wasn’t about sharing the results and stuff i made, it was more theoretical and and about understanding rather than more concrete things like how your choice of sandpaper grit will affect your paintjob. And so i decided to separate the two.

And that’s the story behind Anyday Archery, how it came to be and why it’s not quite the same as the rest of the tools i use to fight the ever growing evil that is boredom!

– Linus